Due to the closure of BCPB on 30 June 2021, no grant applications are being invited.

What we support

There is a great need for trained eye care personnel in the developing world. That is why one of our main objectives is to build up eye care resources in developing countries by providing specialist training, from community level to policy planning at national and regional levels. Our grants further these objectives.

BCPB aims to target the most resource deprived populations for benefit through the funding of research into blindness prevention. Low and lower middle income World Bank categories (see current classification by income) are regarded by BCPB as the areas in greatest need.

Applications for work in upper middle income countries may exceptionally be supported, provided the major impact of the research is likely to translate directly into benefits for people in low and lower middle income economies. Work based in high income countries will be ineligible and work designed to answer questions relevant to high income economies will not be supported even if the actual research is undertaken in a low or lower middle income country.

Eligible grant applications are assessed by our Advisory Panel. For more information about the Advisory Panel please click here

BCPB offers the following fellowships and grants:

Prevention of Blindness Fellowships – We offer two types of fellowship under this scheme.

  • The Barrie Jones Fellowships are awarded to UK based Fellows who carry out research in a developing country.
  • The Sir John Wilson Fellowships are awarded to students from developing countries who come to the UK to carry out research.

We award up to £190,000 per Fellowship over a maximum of three years. For more information please click here

Research grants – BCPB funds Research grants worth up to £75,000 in total over one, two or three years which are awarded to UK research/training institutions. For more information please click here

Studentships – BCPB provides funding of up to £60,000 in total over one, two or three years for non-clinical PhD or DrPH studentships for up to three years.  More information is available in our Research Grant guidelines here

Research Mentorship Awards – BCPB also funds Research Mentorship Awards. These build research links between hospitals and universities in developing countries and UK universities or NHS Trusts, with the goal of building research capacity. For more information please click here

Boulter Fellowships – Each year, our funds allow us to support the training of a small number of applicants, who come to the International Centre for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to study for an MSc in Public Health for Eye Care. This course equips them with the skills and knowledge they will need to plan and implement national and regional blindness prevention programmes. More information can be found here