BCPB Prevention of Blindness Fellowships

Our Fellowships are fully funded by BCPB and lead to the award of PhDs and MDs. Sir John Wilson Fellowships are awarded to researchers based in low or lower-middle income countries who come to the UK for part of their project, and Barrie Jones Fellowships are awarded to UK based researchers who travel to a developing country to carry out their research.

The aims are:

  • To provide top level eye care personnel in low income countries, an opportunity to build knowledge and skills in eye care where they are most needed. Fellows from developing counties are selected partly on their ability and ambition to disseminate knowledge and skills through teaching and training.
  • To build the knowledge base about how best to prevent blindness in low income countries.
  • To foster links between UK institutions and those in developing countries, to facilitate a mutually beneficial transfer of knowledge in eye care.

To achieve these aims BCPB’s Advisory Panel assesses the scientific merit of funding applications, and its recommendations are then put to the Board of Trustees who make funding decisions. The Advisory Panel comprises of top UK ophthalmologists and operates with highly developed and robust processes. A list of Advisory Panel members can be found here.

Due to the closure of BCPB on 30 June 2021, no grant applications are being invited.