There are 45 million
blind people worldwide.

This will increase to 76 million by 2020 unless we mobilise knowledge and resources to prevent it happening.
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Eye Testing Using Smartphones in Kenya

The British Council for Prevention of Blindness funds research and training to prevent blindness in the poorest countries in the world.

This film shows one such project: testing smartphones to diagnose eye disease in Kenya.

Richard & Judy

"Unless it's happened to you, it's hard to imagine what losing your sight is like. It nearly happened to me and blindness runs in my family. I was incredibly fortunate to have kept my sight so I know how important it is to help children and adults receive preventative treatment too. BCPB do this every day, both in Europe and the developing world. Please donate today so they can continue."
Judy Finnigan

"Both Judy and I have seen at close quarters the impact of losing your sight. Judy nearly lost her sight a few years ago through a detached retina and it's hard to describe what that was like for her and our family. BCPB helps prevent and treat blindness in thousands of children and adults around the world. Please help them continue by making a donation today."
Richard Madeley